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Nom equipe

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Projets de recherche

The “Sunflower-Pests Interactions” team is interested in identifying and understanding the mechanisms of resistance to sunflower broomrape (Orobanche cumana ). O. cumana is an obligate parasitic plant. Without roots and incapable of photosynthesis, it develops at the expense of the sunflower by diverting water and nutrients. Up to a hundred broomrapes can attach themselves to a single sunflower stalk. Yield losses can range from 20% to 100% depending on the level of infestation of the field, the level of aggressiveness and virulence of the population. O. cumana occurs from China south to Spain.

We use genetic, genomic and functional biology approaches to understand the expression of resistance and the molecular and cellular dialogue between sunflower and broomrape. The resistance genes present in cultivated hybrids of sunflower are quickly bypassed, so we are interested in characterizing the diversity of global populations of broomrape to understand their evolution. Remarkably, while the sunflower has been domesticated on the North American continent, O. cumana is not found on the American continent.

We are also working more marginally on resistance to downy mildew in sunflower ( Plasmopara halstedii , obligate oomycete) to identify and characterize quantitative resistance and develop genotyping tools to characterize the strains.

Optimildiou (2020-Plant2Pro, coord .: E. Mestries and S. Muños): the project aims (i) to develop molecular markers from genomic data produced within the framework of the Effectores and EVOPLASMO projects and the sequencing of 10 new strains within the framework of Optimilidou and (ii) to better characterize the new emerging strains.

Omoco (2020-2021, Labex Tulip / MAS SEEDS: Coordinator: C. Seassau and S. Muños):


ResODiv (2019-2021, Promosol, coord .: M. Chabaud): exploitation of genetic diversity in wild Helianthus for the search for new resistance to the parasitic plant Orobanche cumana, and their use in pre-breeding.





Muños Stéphane

Team Leader-Genomics-Genetics


Roudaire Thibault



Caillault Sophie



Boniface Marie-Claude

Phenotyping-Genetic Resources


Fernández Melero Belén



Vrielynck Nathalie



Dangla Elena




Bouvier Estelle

CDD-Phenotyping-Genetic resources

Photo web Maylis.JPG

Bobin Maylis

CDD-Phenotyping-Genotyping-Genetic resources



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Le Ru A., Ibarcq G., Boniface M.-C., Baussart A., Muños S. and M. Chabaud (2021) Image analysis for the automatic phenotyping of Orobanche cumana tubercles on sunflower roots. Plant Methods 17, 80.



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